I Love It When You Call Me Big Twitta

I subscribed to P. Diddy’s Twitter feed last week, and it is a highlight of my day each time I log in. It’s a nice reminder each day that anybody can make it in this country, even the guy who writes these:

Man I wanna be GREAT! I wanna make the WORLD A BETTER PLACE!!! Fuck being rich!!! I wanna be necessary!! I will be GREAT!! I’m not DONE!!!!

RT THIS!! We are at BITCHASSNESS LEVEL ORANGE ALERT!!! CLICK HERE FOR THE REMEDY!! P.TwittyTV Ep#30!! http://tinyurl.com/cb4pdk

Its getting late!!! Go HARD OR GO HOME!!!! Let’s get it!!!!

LOCK IN is not a SAYING its a WAY OF LIFE!!! Lets stop playing people!! GET LOCKED IN!!!

Are you really trying as hard as you can??? Really? Come on you know you can try harder!!!! Come on let’s go people!!! Lock in rt now!!!!!

Its so hard to stop eating carbs! I love carbs!!!! Lol

I’m so HIGH off life right now!!!! Get HIGH with me!!!! Off of life!!! Life is such a blessing!!!! Thank you GOD!!!!!!

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  1. I never really understood why anyone would want Twitter (sorry) until I read this post. A stream of unfiltered P. Diddy thoughts would really provide some entertainment to the daily life in the bureaucracy. Thank you for revealing this wonderful world of entertainment to me.

    Posted by Taylor | April 28th, 2009 at 8:11 pm

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