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Liking The Enviro-Debt Swap

As much as it’s feasible in light of the enormous deficits on the horizon, this is a cool idea: U.S. to Forgive Indonesian Debt in Exchange for Conservation Plan, Wall Street Journal The more forest that’s protected to suck in CO2, the better, and obviously a poor nation’s government benefits when the debt evaporates.

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The Week: Michael Jackson, Iran, Mark Sanford and Transformers

You heard it here first: Neverland is the new Graceland. Man, what a week for news. It’s been a while since we had such a contrast of the important (Iran) and the junk-ridden (Transformers 2 = 2nd highest grossing opening ever). My vote for biggest story: Considering that I live in the U.S., it has […]

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Obama Is Right on Iran

Morning, all. I was reading my Morning Coffee links today and clicked on this story at the WSJ: Republicans Press Obama on Iran It details some criticism of the President for not speaking out loudly enough in support of the protests, particularly by Lindsay Graham. Fortunately, for once I agree with George Will, who called […]

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The Best Chicago Trivia-Night Blog Ever

As a trivia-night fan and former webdev pro, I tried to write an SEO-friendly headline for this one because it deserves so much promotion: Some friends and I are out looking for trivia bar nights in Chicago right now, and this website is a gold mine. Visit it!

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This Is The Greatest Sports Year In The History Of The Universe!!!

Both of my favorite teams!!!! In one freaking year!!!! I am using multiple exclamation points and I really hate that, but THIS IS TOO AWESOME TO CARE!!!!! Pittsburgh loves you, 2009!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Game 7 Is Tonight

… and after all the hard-fought series of 2009, there’s only one more thing to say: Let’s Go Pens.

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More Fun With Diddy Tweets

This is an oddly beautiful contrast of the spiritual and the profane, courtesy of the lyric poet Sean Combs: I can’t wait for the new Maxwell album on july 7th!!! My soul is thristy [sic] for some real shit!!!!

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