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The Atlantic Gets SEO-Ganked by The Huffington Post: A Breakdown

Last week I was reading some online commentary about a piece by Matt Taibbi in Rolling Stone, this one about Goldman Sachs. I first read Taibbi in Spanking the Donkey, and I usually like the dude’s cynical, New-Journalism-style writing, even when it’s a bit sensational. The Goldman Sachs thing — at least the parts I […]

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This is all over YouTube, and I would describe it as “off the chain”: G would be fine if we had tried that, but you better believe I’d be twisting my knee or something fun.

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Newspaper vs. Internet

I look forward to the answer to this question, posed and soon to be tested by my aces at Slate: Who’s Better Informed, Newspaper Readers or Web Surfers? The only part that confuses me is whether newspaper websites are OK for the web users to read. If not, then that does hurt the web team’s […]

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Jimmy Carter, Moon Landing, Milwaukee, Le Peep, iPod

I’m back from Indianapolis. Let’s go: So Wednesday was the 30th anniversary of President Jimmy Carter’s “malaise” speech. I’ve heard about this speech before as a turning point in his presidency, so I went ahead and read the full text. To sum it up in a phrase, I don’t understand why this speech was so […]

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Trivia! Burgers! $800!

Props again to Here Comes Treble to pointing me to trivia at State Restaurant — tonight my team won the competition and the $800 prize that comes with it. Nice! Check out State on Tuesdays if you like trivia and live in Chicago.

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Healthy Chicken Nuggets: The Recipe

It’s a proven fact that I am a fiend for chicken nuggets. Chicken strips are also just as awesome. Put some chicken into a hand-friendly format, get rid of the bones to save me the hassle, coat it in breading of some sort and I am right up in it with a bottle of hot […]

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Jackson, McNamara, Deficit, Scuderi, The Heather Graham – Mike Tyson – Pat Stack Connection

My iPod started acting ill today, and now I’m in the middle of restoring the factory settings. Since I have to completely re-upload all of my music, photo and backed-up files, I got some time to write. First, the news: • At first today, it really annoyed me that the entire media-swilling world spent the […]

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Snakes: The Worst Firework in the World

With Saturday being the Fourth of July and the start of America’s 233rd year, I would like to honor our fine country’s independence by telling you exactly how not to honor our fine country’s independence: by purchasing, lighting and displaying Snakes, the world’s stupidest firework. Since my childhood, I have loved fireworks. I’m not necessarily […]

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What About the Absentee President?

The WSJ opinion page is notoriously right-leaning, particularly compared to its news section, but an editorial today is pretty far out even for them. Check this, from “The Absentee Senator“, Wall Street Journal: This is now the second time Republicans have been beaten in this kind of legal street fight. In 2004, Dino Rossi was […]

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