Newspaper vs. Internet

I look forward to the answer to this question, posed and soon to be tested by my aces at Slate:

Who’s Better Informed, Newspaper Readers or Web Surfers?

The only part that confuses me is whether newspaper websites are OK for the web users to read. If not, then that does hurt the web team’s ability to keep up on things, but if so, I think there’s no question the web is going to beat the hell out of a print newspaper for information purposes. I should make a point sometime of counting how many times per day I read something online and then go to Wikipedia to look it up. (Wikipedia may be disallowed for most academic research, but it is the bomb at providing introductory glimpses into just about anything on Earth.)

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  1. i think that’s like asking which is better: ice cream or ice cream plus chocolate syrup? you can’t make the latter without the former. likewise, you wouldn’t have near as many blogs without the newspaper articles to which they link.

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