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Nice Try, But Donuts As Bread Still Works Better

I wish I could say I’m shocked by the idea of two chicken patties as bread, but I’m really not: KFC tests out new bunless burger to rave reviews in America’s heartland, Vancouver Sun, Aug. 25 My favorite part is how the Canadian paper made sure to get “America” into the headline as an ever-so-subtle […]

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I Am More Famous-By-Association Than You

The other day I was thinking of famous people, so then I thought I might as well put together all the ones I’ve seen in person into a comprehensive but shameless post. So here you go. Trent Reznor: Saw him at the Pittsburgh airport. (He grew up about an hour north, in Meadville.) He got […]

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Lollapalooza 2009: The Recap

Yesterday I made it to Day 3 of Lollapalooza 2009. I had a great time reliving 1993 with Jane’s Addiction and Snoop — Lady of Rage even made an appearance — though the organizers did throw in some solid bands from 2009, too. Ranking the bands that I saw or mostly heard: 1. Jane’s Addiction […]

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Rod Woodson: Hall of Famer, Chill Dude

Big ups to my favorite NFL player from back in the day, Rod Woodson, who was inducted yesterday into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. (Which is, as Tom Landry used to inexplicably say in the commercials, in “Canton, Ho-i-oh”.) When I was 10 or so, I used to mail off baseball/football/hockey cards and player […]

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The First Media Pay Wall, Obama as The Joker, Chicago Trib Redesign, and Where Vick Will Go

The trend has been building, so it had to tip at some point, for better or worse: News Corp. to Charge for All Websites, Business Spectator (Australia) In America, this could work to an extent, because News Corp.’s two big properties here are the Wall Street Journal and Fox News, both outlets with a dedicated […]

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Grooveshark: The Shiznit

Yo. Back in my days, I developed a serious music-at-work habit that kept on going all the way through Slate. Fortunately for me, my summer workplace at Kaplan Higher Ed is also cool with employees listening to headphones during the day, so I haven’t had to spend my time here sans face-melting shredfests. Even […]

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