Rod Woodson: Hall of Famer, Chill Dude

Big ups to my favorite NFL player from back in the day, Rod Woodson, who was inducted yesterday into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. (Which is, as Tom Landry used to inexplicably say in the commercials, in “Canton, Ho-i-oh”.)

When I was 10 or so, I used to mail off baseball/football/hockey cards and player photos now and then in hopes that one would come back with an autograph. I have to wonder if kids still do this, but I hope so, because it’s a lot more successful than standing outside the players’ entryway in a giant cluster and waiting for someone to walk by. I sent a team photo of the 1989 Steelers to Rod, and lucky me, a few weeks later it showed back up at my house signed “Rod Woodson #26”. It was tacked to my wall for many years, so in my mind, Rod Woodson has always been a chill dude. That was true even though the nachos at Woodson’s All-Star Grille were nothing to write home about — I’d say he was more cut out for interceptions than the restaurateur life.

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  1. dude when I was like 7 I sent a fairly big team photo to the Steelers with a hand written letter telling them why they were so awesome and to my surprise that thing came back plastered in autographs from the 79 team. And that is why I am a Steelers guy to the day. And once I got to talk to 66 at a bar at his charity golf tourny in OC, MD and that made me a hockey fan and a Penguins guy forever. Freakin rocks.

    Posted by nhcareyjr | August 9th, 2009 at 6:11 pm

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