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The ‘Burgh As Star of the Developed World

Things I don’t like about the G20 in Pittsburgh today: In Pittsburgh fashion, the citizens are mistaking dreadlocked-white-people protesters for a snowstorm and hunkering down with supplies of bread, milk and toilet paper. College-educated anarchists breaking things, garnering tons and tons of sympathy for their cause. And by tons and tons, I mean zero. Things […]

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School: The Time Vacuum

I have plenty to say, but I’m stuck doing accounting problem sets. So in the meantime, Twitter it is.

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Six Flags Great America: Go Late (In The Year)

A tip to my Chicago readers: if you’re planning to head up to Great America, the time to do it is right before Labor Day. At first, it seems like a tradeoff: they’re only open from 10-6, rather than 10-9 p.m. or so. But it turns out they only get tiny crowds — yesterday they […]

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