Health-Care Reform – Still Not Final, Homes

So the House version of the health-care reform bill just passed by five votes, 220 to 215. There was exactly one Republican vote in favor, from Rep. Joseph Cao of New Orleans, who I imagine is the most hated man in the party right now. (In a racially intolerant throwback, the “g–k” word is floating around online – lofty rhetoric from those on the way-right wing still living in the Korean War era.)

Me, I think it’s a mostly positive development and certainly an issue that has long remained shamefully unaddressed, even if useful explainers like this one still leave me wondering how much the system will ultimately change. And I guess that’s it: the Senate hasn’t voted yet, a compromise bill might still be necessary, and then there’s the unpredictable way that market forces will respond once any new law is in place. So I’m holding off judgment on any reform effort for now, and probably for a while. I feel like b-school has taught me that even if there oughta be a law about something, it’s only when you see how everyone works with and around that law that you can really judge if it was worthwhile.

So for now: we’ll see.

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