Time Again to Redesign

Hey readaz.

So as happens most years, I’ve gotten a little tired of the current design of my site, and I’m planning to redo it sometime soon when I can find the time. (Basically February 2019 or so.) This time I’m looking for some input into it, so I’m asking for some links to quality personal sites / blogs that yinz all think look really cool. Ideally I want my future design to do the following:

  1. Keep my professional stuff front and center, but still have room for a blog to keep the site worth visiting on a regular basis
  2. Look really clean and minimalist but still have cool art, probably as a background image
  3. Have a somewhat downbeat design – black and white or something like that. I’m a serious-thinking dude, after all
  4. Room for logos and promo badges – widgets and whatnot

Links welcome in the comments. Thanks much.

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  1. My vote is to bring back the old design, cool skulls in the logo and all.

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