Three Favorite American-History Figures?

Just stated my list to my friend Brian:

  1. Abraham Lincoln. Probably a cliché, but that’s a good thing.
  2. Benjamin Franklin. Smart, practical, and clearly a cool dude for a party.
  3. Teddy Roosevelt. Easily the most bad-ass liberal President.

Other nominees?

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One Response to “Three Favorite American-History Figures?”

  1. hmmmm…good one.

    In no particular order…

    Thomas Jefferson. TJ was the shiznit.

    General George Patton. Just love the guy. Poet warrior from the old school.

    Mark Twain. Seriously where would we be without that mans wit?

    But you can’t go wrong with Abe or TR either. And BF has one of my favorite quotes of all time “Beer is God’s way of letting us know that he wants us to be happy.” Sweet.

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