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Stephen Colbert on Our Chicago Congressional District

Stephen Colbert profiled the Illinois 5th Congressional District the other night, including an interview with our Congressional Representative here in the LP, Rep. Mike Quigley. The interview doesn’t seem to be online — if I find it, I’ll update this — but I did appreciate the props to the Wiener’s Circle. The Colbert Report Mon […]

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Gotta Admit, Obama Beats Kofi Annan

And I thought we had a prestigious, rub-your-face-in-it speaker at NU in 2002: President Obama to deliver U-M spring 2010 commencement address Yet before I think this is too cool, it’s only for the undergrad graduation, as the b-school graduation is April 30. Regardless, that is one serious publicity coup for UMich. Way to go, […]

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Titling Posts “Who Dat” Is Already a Cliche, But I Do Like the Win

Much as this season was a huge disappointment for us in Steeler Nation, I’m happy to see the Saints win this one. Though I got married in Indy, I figure I spent a greater number of hours in New Orleans when my bro was there for school, so I’ll claim them more than the Colts. […]

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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-02-05

The Jihadist Next Door – homegrown terrorists # Excess Reigns at Super Bowl and That’s No Ballyhoo – # Liking the promotion of nuclear power – Homer Simpson approves – # Powered by Twitter Tools

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