Titling Posts “Who Dat” Is Already a Cliche, But I Do Like the Win


Much as this season was a huge disappointment for us in Steeler Nation, I’m happy to see the Saints win this one. Though I got married in Indy, I figure I spent a greater number of hours in New Orleans when my bro was there for school, so I’ll claim them more than the Colts.

Also, I won $10 betting against my friend on the outcome. That’s five pitchers at Scorekeepers!

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3 Responses to “Titling Posts “Who Dat” Is Already a Cliche, But I Do Like the Win”

  1. There was a good hockey game on Sunday as well.

  2. In addition to you being wrong about that game being good, a friend at the Super Bowl party — who doesn’t really follow hockey, is from the DC area but clearly knows my hometown — asked me if I am a fan of the Washington Capitals. She said her bro is a hockey fan, so I told her to go tell him she asked a guy from Pittsburgh if he likes the Capitals and see how he reacts.

  3. Five *pitchers*? God, I miss college towns.

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