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New Phone Up In Here

This post is coming to you courtesy of the new HTC Incredible I picked up today and the equally cool WordPress app for Android. Here’s hoping it leads to increased updates around here.

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Best Whale Ever

You mess with the whale, you get 40 tons of that whale all up in your grille. For real, this is the most whaletastic boat-ownage since the wreck of the Essex. (Image from South African EPA via NPR.)

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Featured-Band Friday: New York Dolls

In my new self-appointed function as official DJ of, we’re going with the infamous proto-punk outfit for this inaugural feature. Rock out:

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So Long, World Cup

It’s too bad Uruguay and Germany weren’t the finals matchup. That was certainly the more entertaining of the two weekend games. Things I will miss now that the Cup is over: The country going nuts after the Donovan goal; France collapsing in hilarious fashion after cheating Ireland; the fact that a tremendously meaningful game was […]

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Picking a Side for the World Cup Final: Time to Get Historical

With this Sunday’s World Cup final fast approaching, I realized I have to pick a favorite team among two countries about which I care not at all. I’ve never been to Spain or the Netherlands, I don’t have any acquaintances from Spain or the Netherlands, and I don’t even care that much for paella or […]

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Reminds Me of Back Home

Tonight for dinner, I had kielbasa and sauerkraut. It was delicious, but sadly, I was out of pierogies. A few days ago, a friend asked, “What’s that called when you have an area that’s contaminated with hazardous waste and there’s some federal money to clean it up?” and I instantaneously chimed in with “Superfund“. You […]

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