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Spending Priorities

In effect, a large part of our political class is showing its priorities: given the choice between asking the richest 2 percent or so of Americans to go back to paying the tax rates they paid during the Clinton-era boom, or allowing the nation’s foundations to crumble — literally in the case of roads, figuratively […]

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Wacky Chain-Restaurant Sandwiches at Home

It’s about time Americans started eating at home more and dining out less. This video from my old Slate V buds is a great start. (Is it weird that the footlong burger looks pretty awesome to me? “You can really taste the length.”)

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Burghin’ It

My current work project, in a nice coincidence, brought me back to the homeland. Tonight we made it out to PNC Park, where the Pirates made me feel more at home by losing. (They even gave up an inside-the-park homerun. Nice.) Gotta give it up though for the best stadium in baseball:

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