NFL Picks: Week 1

I joined up in the Time Magazine NFL Pick ‘Em league again this year, going on my assumption that it’s easier to follow pro sports when you’re not a full-time student. (I don’t know why this is, considering the piles of free time, but it’s certainly been true for me.) Putting these out there early gives my league mates the chance to copy all of my sure-thing picks, so I’m trusting that they hate easy money and won’t rip me off. Considering that New Orleans / Minnesota was a push against the spread, I’m 0 for 0 thus far.

At New Orleans -5 Minnesota
At NY Giants -6.5 Carolina
Miami -3 At Buffalo
Atlanta -2.5 At Pittsburgh
At Chicago -6.5 Detroit
At New England -4.5 Cincinnati
At Tampa Bay -3 Cleveland
At Jacksonville -2.5 Denver
Indianapolis -2.5 At Houston
At Tennessee -6.5 Oakland
Green Bay -3 At Philadelphia
San Francisco -3 At Seattle
Arizona -4 At St. Louis
Dallas -3.5 At Washington
At NY Jets -2.5 Baltimore
San Diego -4.5 At Kansas City

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2 Responses to “NFL Picks: Week 1”

  1. Our spread (CBS Sports) was 5.5. Naturally, I took the Saints.

  2. It’s pretty annoying that Yahoo accepts non-half-point spreads — instead you end up with the push, which is fun for nobody.

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