Haircut, Stretching, Ex Check

Stuff from this evening:

  • Today I went to get a free touch-up on my haircut of several weeks back. After several years of the same haircut, I grew my hair out for three months, then went to a stylist a few weeks ago (I had a coupon) and told her to be creative and interesting with this extra hair. She gave me the exact haircut I had before. F that. No more stylists.
  • As I was running by on the lakefront this evening, a super hot female runner pulled off to the side of the path to stretch, with her back to the running path while she did standing hamstring stretches. Four dudes who were running by in opposite directions all then turned their heads in perfect synchronization. It was nuts.

    (It wasn’t really nuts. But a hot woman did do something to draw attention to her hotness, and I was there to bring this story to you.)

  • Later on in the run, I passed a woman going the opposite direction who really looked like an old girlfriend. I couldn’t tell, but I was curious if it was actually her, so I thought I’d try to find out ninja-style. I was down to stop and say hello for a bit, but because this could well have been some stranger, I didn’t want to run up next to her and stare her down hard like a dude who drives an airbrushed 1985 Ford Econoline.

    I was near my halfway turnaround point, so I turned and then caught up, but after trying for a subtle sideways look as I passed I still couldn’t tell. Then I thought I would try to get a reaction by running ahead a bit and stopping to remove my earphones, deliberately adjust my MP3 player and look toward the lake to place my head in profile. That didn’t get anything as she passed by, but I was running faster than this person, so I was going to end up passing her again. As I passed alongside I went for another attempt at a subtle sideways glance, but I failed again to get a clear-enough look.  My mind started to race with rustbucket images of wolves howling at the moon and Vikings holding swords aloft, so I knew it was time to give up and just run on home normally, curiosity unsatisfied.

    The mystery endures, but at least the van is still non-existent.

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  1. This is your best post since you did an ode to oatmeal. Sorry you were given the Stack Cut, but at least you now know you had what others consider a super cool hairstyle.

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