NFL Picks, Week 3

First week, I did pretty well. Last week, I got completely hosed. I therefore stand at 15-13-4 against the spread and am settled back in the land of statistical averages.

And for the third week in a row, I’m in line for one of the 11 Points audience picks. While I took Detroit against the spread, I took Minnesota to win. I might be kind of F’d on that one — if you assume an average picker isn’t going to do better than 50% of the games, each additional week means statistical correction is creepin’ more and more on a come-up. The fact that all the experts have Minnesota in a virtual lock makes me even more nervous. Keep that in mind, Brett Favre: some dude needs you to have a good game so he can continue to show up on some other dude’s site, so it’s time to recognize the importance of that and win a game.

At NY Giants -3 Tennessee
At New England -14 Buffalo
At Baltimore -10.5 Cleveland
Pittsburgh -2.5 At Tampa Bay
Cincinnati -3 At Carolina
At New Orleans -4 Atlanta
San Francisco -2.5 At Kansas City
At Minnesota -11 Detroit
At Houston -3 Dallas
Washington -3.5 At St. Louis
Philadelphia -3.0 At Jacksonville
Indianapolis -5.5 At Denver
San Diego -5.5 At Seattle
At Arizona -4.5 Oakland
At Miami -2.5 NY Jets
Green Bay -3 At Chicago

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2 Responses to “NFL Picks, Week 3”

  1. When was the last time an NFL dominated an entire season, won the Super Bowl, started 2-0 against teams expected to be playoff participants, and gave only 4 points at home to a 1-1 team?

    Trap game in New Orleans?

  2. That’s a tricky one. I don’t think Atlanta will put up 41 points again, but Pittsburgh has a pretty awesome defense and they just barely beat the Falcons. I also read a piece about how San Francisco figured out a defense to contain the NO passing game, so maybe Atlanta learned from that. Injured Michael Turner, though: that hurts.

    NFL parity makes this prediction stuff pretty damned irrelevant.

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