NFL Picks: Week 5


Last week was hella ugly: only four of 14 correct against the spread, which brought my season ATS record to a literally sub-par 27-31-4. Steelers lose, my 11 Points streak ends, and I was at the bottom of my Pick ‘Em league.

That said, a sample isn’t statistically significant until you have an N of 30 or more, so I’ll stick with last week’s picking formula for another week. Week 4 is always unpredictable anyway, what with the desperate teams trying to catch the last train out of Lost Season station.

(Rationalization is the greatest.)

And finally, while I was initially pissed about blowing the 11 Points Seahawks pick, I have my own site and can keep this pick thang going as long as I want. What. So once Sam posts which game he’s chosen to predict, I’ll post picks for that game on this site in the Twitter-friendly format. Laska the dog is bout to get housed.

Jacksonville 0 At Buffalo
At Cincinnati -6.5 Tampa Bay
Atlanta -3 At Cleveland
At Detroit -3 St. Louis
At Indianapolis -7.5 Kansas City
Green Bay -2.5 At Washington
At Carolina -1 Chicago
At Baltimore -7 Denver
At Houston -3 New York Giants
New Orleans -7 At Arizona
At Dallas -7 Tennessee
San Diego -6 At Oakland
At San Francisco -3 Philadelphia
At New York Jets -4 Minnesota

Update: Sam’s game this week is Chicago and Carolina; I take the Bears – everyone in Chicago seems ready to write them off, but I think Carolina is imploding much more dramatically. (And I know it’s already halftime, but you can consider my ATS pick as obviously pro-Chicago.)

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