NFL Picks: Week 7

Last week: 7 correct, 7 incorrect, and one push: yet another 50% week.

For the season, I’m now at 41-45-5, 47.67% correct. This would seem to be pretty bad, yet I’m fourth in my league of 18 people — those oddsmaker types know what they’re doing. Meanwhile, I’m also only one win behind Eric Allen of ESPN, who’s only picking teams to win and not against the spread. If I were Chad Ochocinco, I would eat Corn Nuts in the end zone over Allen’s prone body while tweeting, or something along those lines. Then again, if I were Chad Ochocinco, it’s unlikely I’d be anywhere near an end zone. (Hey-o!)

The picks – a lot of favorites to cover this week:

Pittsburgh -3 At Miami
At Atlanta -3.5 Cincinnati
At Kansas City 0 Jacksonville
At Tennessee -3 Philadelphia
At Chicago -3 Washington
At New Orleans -13 Cleveland
At Baltimore -13 Buffalo
San Francisco -3 At Carolina
At Tampa Bay -3 St. Louis
At Seattle -5.5 Arizona
At San Diego -2.5 New England
At Denver -8.5 Oakland
At Green Bay -3 Minnesota
At Dallas -3 NY Giants

And for the 11 Points game (5-1 so far), I like Minnesota. Favre tends to play well against crappy odds, and his / the Vikings’ odds are pretty crappy.

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