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NFL Picks: Week 10

Last week: 10-2-1, enough to win me $85 as the TIME Magazine Pick’ Em League’s weekly winner. Yahoo! tells me I’m 67-58 on the season, excluding pushes, which is 53.6% correct for the season against the spread – back up above the predicted outcome. Who got the skillz? In its ongoing drive to capture every […]

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NFL Picks: Week 9

Last week: 9-4, making me 56-57-5 on the season. Now I’m up to 49.6% correct – what what. Hey, how about that: a winning week at last. I tied for the lead in my league, but apparently lost on one of the tiebreakers, because I did not get the desired green highlight from Yahoo! for […]

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So that happened. Once upon a time, and by that I mean just a few years ago, I used to get emotionally involved in national elections and politics. Then I thought hard about it, and I realized that caring about this stuff all the time impacts my daily life in pretty much one way: mental […]

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