NFL Picks: Week 13

After a few weeks of laziness in not posting my picks, some good results put me at 90-81 on the season (not counting pushes). Let’s hope I stay afloat for the last quarter of the games:

At Philadelphia -8 Houston
At Minnesota -6 Buffalo
At Miami -4.5 Cleveland
At Tennessee 0 Jacksonville
At Kansas City -8.5 Denver
At NY Giants -7 Washington
Chicago -3.5 At Detroit
At Green Bay -9.5 San Francisco
New Orleans -6.5 At Cincinnati
Atlanta -3 At Tampa Bay
At San Diego -13 Oakland
At Seattle -6 Carolina
At Indianapolis -5.5 Dallas
St. Louis -3 At Arizona
At Baltimore -3 Pittsburgh
At New England -3.5 NY Jets

And in the 11 Points game, I like Atlanta. I forgot to pick these games recently, but comparing the past several weeks to how I chose in Pick ‘Em, I’m at 10-2 in those games. That’s tied with Accuscore for the best method thus far, and considering NFL picks is all I write on here these days, it’s also equally boring.

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  1. What happened to the blog of old featuring posts extolling the virtues of milk? I miss it. 🙁

    Posted by Anignog | December 11th, 2010 at 2:15 am
  2. Sorry man, the site just isn’t the same these days. That’s the price of having a URL that’s your name.

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