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Pat’s 16 Best Android Apps

Not too long ago, I was admittedly indifferent to this mobile thing, even as a professional digital dude. This was because: I had BlackBerrys for work and found them useful but nothing revolutionary; I mistakenly chalked the iPhone hype up to characteristic Apple-fan hyperventilation; I stuck to my old clamshell phone because I’m really cheap. […]

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Slate is Anti-Lawn-Chairs-in-Parking-Spaces; I Am Not

I posted this comment to the anti-“dibs” article on Slate, but I am pro-dibs enough that I will also post it here: I grew up in Pittsburgh and now reside in Chicago, so I am intimately familiar with dibs. (I’ve only heard it called “dibs” in Chicago, though — in Pittsburgh, just mentioning lawn chairs […]

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320,000 Firecrackers

I really wish I had thought of doing this.

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Probably Thinking Too Deeply About Treadmills

I enjoy going to the gym and keeping in shape, but I’m slightly creeped out by the treadmill space at LPAC: 80 individual aerobic lives lived solely through one-way screens of digital distraction, with the only sound a belt-driven wail of angst sputtering constantly forth from the gray implements of mechanized human exertion. It’s a […]

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Ah, Crap.

Shoulda had it – tough end to a roller-coaster season, but there’s always next fall. In the meantime, back to full-time hockey fandom.

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The Logo Worked Last Game

Here’s to number 7, Clay Matthews be damned. Steelers 17, Packers 10. OH YEAH.

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Brent Johnson vs. Rick DiPietro – Penguins Ownage

Not only is this a rarely seen goalie fight, it’s the Penguins’ Brent Johnson destroying Rick DiPietro with one punch. What’s not to love?

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