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Patrick Stack vs. Google Image Search

Today I’ve been doing lots of Google image searching for work, so I was curious what would happen if I started in on myself. Predictive search has lots of fun effects: It’s Patrick Kane! Blackhawks star forward, Flyer-destroying scorer of the Cup-winning goal in last year’s finals, and town-rocker extraordinaire. I don’t know if I […]

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The New York Times Paywall: This Time Around, I’ll Buy

All around me are declarations of the upcoming NYT paywall as either a “fraught” decision that “won’t work” or a “big hedge” that, if it works, professional gruff and former coworker Jack Shafer will be “happy to call a success”. I will see Jack and raise him a note of optimism, because despite being one […]

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Grub Discoveries in Kansas City

Kansas City has yielded two new favorite food items: Burnt ends: Apparently a localized barbecue delicacy, burnt ends are the most delicious form of barbecue I’ve eaten yet. They’re the ends of the brisket that collect all the smoke, fat and salt into chopped, charred cubes of edible beauty, mixed with a little barbecue sauce […]

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Is Charlie Sheen My Distant Cousin?

Martin Sheen’s bio page on Wikipedia says his mom’s name was Mary Ann Phelan, and that she came from a small village in County Tipperary. Not coincidentally per this post, my own grandma’s name was Phelan and she also came from a small village in Tipperary, albeit slightly farther south than Martin’s mom’s village. While […]

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