Grub Discoveries in Kansas City

Kansas City has yielded two new favorite food items:

Burnt ends: Apparently a localized barbecue delicacy, burnt ends are the most delicious form of barbecue I’ve eaten yet. They’re the ends of the brisket that collect all the smoke, fat and salt into chopped, charred cubes of edible beauty, mixed with a little barbecue sauce to add sweetness and tang. It’s been a while since I found a mesmerizing food, but with the emphasis on char and seasoning, it’s like these things were invented with me in mind.

Founders Double Trouble Imperial IPA: And speaking of foods invented with me in mind, this beer has both the appetizing citrus bouquet and the bracing extra-bitter IPA bite that I’ve always valued separately in beers, only to find together in this dream of a brew. I tweeted that this was my perfect beer — and it’s even from Michigan. Good job, Grand Rapids — I feel like a solid 5-10% of my friends somehow hail from you, and now you produce the world’s most sublimely balanced beer. Sadly this beer seems to be just a tough-to-find seasonal, but big ups nonetheless.

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