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Electricity’s Out, But Does It Matter?

Actually yes, the soon-to-be skunked beer in our fridge will let you know it does matter, but this gives me a chance to write about how advanced a time we live in: I sit here in the dark, yet I’m still able to access the full breadth of thousands of years of human knowledge through […]

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U2: One Tree Hill Live at Soldier Field

Here’s a vid I got at last night’s show. The audio quality’s pretty lacking, but it was cool hearing a song that they rarely play live.

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Now on Google+

I managed to get an invite for Google+ — invites to new websites are the nerd red carpet — so I’m trying this thing out. Count me in with the chorus that thinks it’s pretty well done for what it is, but when Facebook and Twitter have spent years refining the social model, I don’t […]

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