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Google PlusI managed to get an invite for Google+ — invites to new websites are the nerd red carpet — so I’m trying this thing out. Count me in with the chorus that thinks it’s pretty well done for what it is, but when Facebook and Twitter have spent years refining the social model, I don’t yet see this as more than just another account to maintain. Considering how much time I spend on Gmail, though, that won’t be a high hurdle to clear, so G+ has more potential than most.

Meanwhile, I’m off to enjoy the big 235th birthday party this weekend. Thomas Jefferson FTW.

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  1. Wanna hook a bro up with an invite? Hope all is well.


    Posted by Craig | July 1st, 2011 at 2:10 pm
  2. I totally would, but I don’t have any to give!

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