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Flipboard … Flipboard Squad is the Greatest

I’m writing this blog post from our iPad’s WordPress app. (Aside: this is an extremely rare example of a WordPress platform app that’s less user-friendly than I’d like. Normally the peeps at Automattic tear it up, such as on Android handset or the sweet redesigns to the dashboard and admin pages, but the iPad is […]

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St. Patrick’s Day: Chow Down on Irish Food

Cross-posted at This Is How I Eat St. Patrick’s Day approaches, trailing paper shamrocks, green-bedecked bagpipers and sloshed pre-yuppy kids in its wake. Our American observance of St. Patrick’s Day moves further every year towards a celebration solely of getting wasted in green T-shirts, leading most Americans to believe Ireland’s sole contributions to global haute […]

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Twice Removed? Might as Well Have Said It Yourself

This ongoing Rush Limbaugh nonsense has taken what was, for me, an unexpected turn: While generating outrage has usually been a highly profitable business for the guy, advertisers this time felt the need to flee the show on a wide scale and are hitting the still-hugely-rated show’s pocketbooks. (If you think this wasn’t the sole […]

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