Instagram and Foursquare: Together, They Kinda Make Sense Now

Instagram LogoWith last week’s release of Android Instagram — catalyst of mass monocle-dropping by iOS elitists — I’ve taken to Instagram in a way I never would have if I were still limited to homebound iPad pics of my dog and an empty beer glass. The app also made it easy for me to kickstart what had always been a moribund Foursquare account and start getting my check-in on in tandem with photos. This all reminded me of a key social-media maxim: We don’t just want to tell people what we did and where we did it, we gots to show that stuff and make people acknowledge that yes, your experience was truly life at its realest. So not only was I there per this Foursquare check-in, I am showing you just how mind-blowingly much I was there in a one-click facsimile of your dad’s 1971 Polaroid camera.

Proust today would clearly be an Instagram hipster lost in the fray.

UPDATE 4/9: Seems I should replace “Foursquare” with “Facebook Places”. Super good for Instagram’s newfound hundred-millionaires; less good because nobody likes Places.

UPDATE 4/10: Jack Shafer conveys the same idea, but in the way I wish I had said it.

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