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The Stack Up: Unemployment Stories, Android Fitness Apps, 50-Year-Old Hotness and More

The most gripping stories I’ve read about being unemployed during the recession came from reader submissions to Gawker, of all places: Hello from the Underclass: Unemployment Stories (and Vol II) The compilation managed to touch on people from multiple classes, educational statuses and lengths of time out of work, showing that it’s not something as […]

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Fast Crumbling in Technology

Awesomeness 2009: Nokia phones, Groupon hype Not Awesomeness 2012: Nokia earnings, Groupon accounting Amazing how fast companies go from star to dud in the technology world. A quarter should count for a year of longevity in this field.

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Galaxy S III is Here

The phone showed up last night, and so far, so good. It’s much bigger than the prior phone, which makes it slightly unwieldy when reaching for the top left icons, but the difference is made up in the amazing screen clarity and the fact that I can type nearly as fast as I can on […]

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Phone Wait, Heat, Beer Geeks in Summer

First World Problem: I am past ready for my new phone to arrive. Verizon decided to sell the Galaxy S III a week later than the other carriers – probably to get all their bloatware loaded properly – so I’m still waiting until Monday for this thing to ship. This must be what that 14-year-old […]

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