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Romney and Earth, NFL Time, Media Takedowns, Foot Injury

I watched Romney’s speech at the GOP Convention, which I thought was way bland — was he shooting for the voters who buy Franklin Mint plates? — until he got to his laugh line about Obama caring about rising seas, which the crowd thought was hilarious. Nothing says humor like the drowned homes of billions. […]

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The Best Word in the English Language, Stop Saying “Broads”, Flipboard News, Awesome Couscous

The Blue Angels flew right over the house during the Air & Water Show, giving me the chance to get this photo using only my smartphone. Those F-18s are the serious loudness. Much verbiage has been spent discussing the worst words in the English language (the worst is pustule, btw), but there isn’t enough discussion […]

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Stack Up: Paul Ryan as YoPAPP, Hermione the Yinzer, MapMyRun, NFL Previews

Paul Ryan’s not just the GOP VP candidate, he’s the most prominent successful example of the young professional ambitious political person, or YoPAPP. I started running into YoPAPPs at Northwestern, met a crap-ton in D.C., and then even knew a few here and there at Michigan. They come in all ethnicities, genders and a somewhat […]

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Stack Up: Meaningful Work, The Zanzibar Chest, Chimney Starters

I’m facing the ultimate old-guy ailment right now: I pulled a muscle, and back pain is all up in this piece. On to the post: I was talking to my brother about the fact that we both have an urge to be able to justify our broader existence as members of the workforce, i.e. we […]

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Stack Up: Northwestern Uniforms, TED, Steve Jobs, History of Internet Grossness, NBC, PHP

Few things are as incongruous as the meathead Under Armour ethos and the nerdtopian reality of attending Northwestern University, but here we are: Much as I find the TED scene self-congratulatory and annoying, I did find these two talks particularly cool: Pranav Mistry: The potential of SixthSense technology. This one is from 2009. Mistry, from […]

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