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Violentacrez and Internet Anonymity, End of Print Newsweek, NFL Picks Week 8

Chicago bisected bridges are the coolest. I think they should raise them every day just so I’m entertained at lunchtime. I’m one week late to the party on this, but I too have my informed-Internet-guy opinion on the outing of Redditor Violentacrez by Gawker. Short version? Totally OK with it and, in fact, excited to […]

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Hilarious German Dude, NFL Week 7

Crazy week at work, so I gotta keep it quick. I laughed way too many times at this not to include it. You can skip to 0:18 for the best part. I almost LOLd at my office just looking that up again. Be forewarned: I suck at this this year. Last week: 2-12 (!); Season: […]

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Colorado, Fossil Store, Political Ads, NFL Picks Week 6

I’m in Colorado right now, and holy crap is this state beautiful. I even included a second Instagram photo just so you could get another glimpse of it: I mean, damn! I imagined myself living here: I’d have to take up skiing again, which is hella fun but has already cost me one knee surgery, […]

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FED Life, Marketing Pablum, CAGR Formula for Excel, NFL Week 5 Picks

In my former career, I was once a FED (front-end developer, for you n00bs) for Slate, where I spent my days beating up on XSLT conditionals and dreaming of a world free from IE 6. I therefore thought this article from did a good job laying the job out there for anyone who has […]

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