FED Life, Marketing Pablum, CAGR Formula for Excel, NFL Week 5 Picks

  • In my former career, I was once a FED (front-end developer, for you n00bs) for Slate, where I spent my days beating up on XSLT conditionals and dreaming of a world free from IE 6. I therefore thought this article from OnlineTools.org did a good job laying the job out there for anyone who has no idea what a FED does and can’t see that FrontPage won’t do as good a job as an “HTML monkey”, to use the article’s term. Interested at all in what makes websites tick? Give it a read.
  • I follow a lot of digital theorists and marketers on Twitter, but I’m always disappointed how many of them tweet motherhood statements like “Customers demand quality and support like never before” or “Are you digital? Your customers are.” Well great, but can you translate that into a meaningful strategy and set of observations useful to anybody? Because if you put some feel-good nonsense like that out there as your perspective, my thoughts are that “No, you can’t”. Not to mention most of your Twitter followers are probably other marketers who are well aware of these things, so I’m not seeing anything useful at all.

    Add some value, brah!

  • I had to find the CAGR formula in Excel — big thanks to this link — so if anybody needs it, rock out with this (where D1 is the non-cumulative total for the final period and A1 is the total for the first period):



  • And this week’s ill-fated NFL picks:

    Last week: 5-9; Overall: 21-40 (tied for 18th out of 20!)
    Arizona -1.5 At St. Louis (I’ve gotten Thursday game right only once)
    Atlanta -3 At Washington
    At Pittsburgh -3.5 Philadelphia
    Green Bay -7 At Indianapolis
    At NY Giants -9 Cleveland
    At Minnesota -5.5 Tennessee
    At Cincinnati -3.5 Miami
    Baltimore -6 At Kansas City
    At Carolina -3 Seattle
    Chicago -4.5 At Jacksonville
    At New England -6.5 Denver
    At San Francisco -9.5 Buffalo
    At New Orleans -3.5 San Diego
    Houston -8 At NY Jets

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