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2012: The Year in Stack, Jesus Built My Hotrod, NFL Picks Week 17

2013 is two days away, so I had to do the mandatory website year-in-review: Highlights Work promotion! – Africa trip! – Colorado trip! – Amazing, beloved new phone! – Election results – Fully appreciating Flipboard and Instagram (minus the latter’s terms of service) – Finding this grilled brussels sprouts recipe – Ten-year Northwestern reunion was […]

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Scandalous Internet Pics Won’t Ruin Your Life, But Don’t Take Them Anyway, NFL Picks Week 15

What’s that called when bricks are all roughed-up more than usual? You know, when they’re not smooth like the outside of a house, but jagged and rough instead. Whatever it’s called, I scratched my hand on a wall like that yesterday, and it sucked, so I need a name for this decorative style that I […]

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