2012: The Year in Stack, Jesus Built My Hotrod, NFL Picks Week 17

2013 is two days away, so I had to do the mandatory website year-in-review:

Work promotion!
Africa trip!
Colorado trip!
Amazing, beloved new phone!
Election results
– Fully appreciating Flipboard and Instagram (minus the latter’s terms of service)
– Finding this grilled brussels sprouts recipe
Ten-year Northwestern reunion was a terrific weekend
– Writing once a week on here: about an 80% success, which I’ll call a total success in Internet terms

Foot tendon ownage
Crazy heat, crazy weather, and the crazy enviro future that portends
– Vet bills – for some reason the pets all decided to develop one condition or another this year
Vanishing Internet self
– Didn’t see family as much as I wanted to
– The Steelers’ 2012 season
– Gary Bettman, a.k.a. the reason I have no NHL to turn to with the end of said Steeler 2012 season

– Not quite the fitness year I had hoped, thanks in part to the foot injury
– Still mad about the Steelers

WordPress helpfully sent me this year-in-the-blog review thing in the middle of drafting this post. That collard-green recipe has been my most-popular post for years now.

  • And as for 2013:

    – More industry networking
    – Back in the scuba habit
    – Back in the running habit
    – Figure out what the hell I’m going to follow in place of the NHL
    – Assorted other stuff

  • Chicagoist posted this classic vid after the death of Ministry guitarist Mike Scaccia, and as a result I have probably listened to it 85 times in the past four days:

  • And now, more than halfway into the 1 p.m. games, my NFL picks for the final week of the regular season. I’m on the comeback trail to .500 – now at 117-118 overall. Time to get this over the hump before the playoffs.

    NFL-LOGO-psd12391Last week: 11-5; Overall: 117-118
    At Buffalo -3.5 NY Jets
    At Cincinnati -2.5 Baltimore
    At Pittsburgh 0 Cleveland
    Houston -7 At Indianapolis
    At Tennessee -4 Jacksonville
    At NY Giants -7.5 Philadelphia
    Chicago -3 At Detroit
    At Atlanta 0 Tampa Bay
    At New Orleans -5 Carolina
    At Denver -16 Kansas City
    At San Diego 0 Oakland
    At San Francisco -16.5 Arizona
    At Seattle -10.5 St. Louis
    Green Bay -3.5 At Minnesota
    At New England -10 Miami
    At Washington -3 Dallas

    UPDATE 12/31: Well that was anti-climactic. I ended up going 8-8 today, which means I’m still exactly one game under .500 for the regular season. At least the playoffs also count.

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