Super Bowl Postmortem, Auto Show, Bad Marketing Tweets

There’s an ad on TV right now for the upcoming movie Dark Skies which ends with the character walking into the kitchen and encountering an alien on the counter (0:24 into it). This is almost exactly a recurring nightmare I had as a kid. Needless to say I will not be seeing this movie, because I’m so terrified of the trailer that I don’t think there’d be any point left in going.


  • My friend Nathan on the complaining masses of football fans watching that shirtless-guy Calvin Klein ad: “And now you’re gay.”
  • It’s a great irony that discussions about marketing — conducted by well-paid people whose job is to grab others’ attention and hold on tight — are a fantastic place to find the most stale, substance-free and back-patting word jumbles imaginable.

    I note this because the ad and marketing tweeters in my feed were out in full buzzwording force for the “#brandbowl” and all of its apparently dynamic brand conversations. I found maybe three of these ads approached “dynamic”, but otherwise I thought it was the weakest lineup in years. Of course when your peers are the same people putting out the stale, substance-free and back-patting obfuscations, there’s not really a strong point of origin for most of this stuff.

    In summary: There’s way too much marketing of marketing by marketers, so I wish marketers would just stick to marketing.

  • No way was Matt Cooke’s skate slash on Erik Karlsson deliberate. Awful, absolutely: the league needs more Erik Karlssons after it came within a hair’s breadth of screwing itself into the ground yet again. But deliberate? Had it been any other player, this wouldn’t even be a discussion point.
  • Finally, some photos I took at the Chicago Auto Show last weekend. Love those shiny machines!
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