Matte Cars, Google Now, Penguins-Bruins

I got that Q5 on dubs. OE dubs, but still: dubs.

  • There’s a Maserati owner near me who keeps driving his ride down the street when I walk my dog in the morning. This is mostly notable because his car is painted matte black. I don’t know why peeps do this – when you go with a matte finish, you make your $130,000 car look like a 1991 Nissan Sentra, one you painted with black Krylon to hide the mismatched replacement door you bought at the junkyard.
  • I’ve been using Google Now on my phone … but I’ve decided I’m not into it. I only say that because I think it’s not all-encompassing enough – I use lots of different sites and applications to do things like read news or tweet, so until Google Now gets Big-Brother enough to read all of my digital activity and then predict the cards
    I need that way, it’s limited to my search and email behavior and therefore missing out on a lot of what I need in my day.
  • To prep yourself for the next series: go read 10 must-watch storylines for Penguins-Bruins. Then cheer for Pittsburgh.
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