At Slate Magazine I was responsible for our site’s front-end work and our technology relationships with the editorial, design and business teams. I also worked directly to maintain relationships with several partner sites and vendors. Below are some site projects in which I had a leadership or other major role:

Slate 2008 redesignSlate 2008 Redesign
After careful analysis of user behavior and the matching of optimal editorial, business and technological value, the Slate development team launched the clean and widely praised redesign of Slate in 2008.

Slate VSlate V 2007 Launch
With a tight, one-month deadline to get our innovative new video magazine off the ground, I took on cross-departmental roles — including a successful pitch for the site’s name — to get the site up and running.

Slate 2006 redesignSlate‘s 2006 Redesign
Our two-person development team launched the site’s total visual revamp in record time, offering Slate users new features, functionality and efficiency.

Slate widgetsSlate Widgets
Capitalizing on the popularity of widgets, or portable content that can be used on other sites, we launched our Bushisms widget based on Slate‘s popular feature by Jacob Weisberg.

Slate CMSGutenberg Content Management System
The Slate development team made regular updates to publishing functionality through Slate‘s CMS, known as Gutenberg, to facilitate easier publishing and site maintenance for Slate‘s editors. In 2007 I initiated a code cleanup that reduced page-load time on the site by an average of more than 66%.

The FrayThe Fray 2007 Redesign
In partnership with Cisco and with an external contractor, we redesigned and recoded the functionality for Slate‘s popular discussion forum, The Fray.

Slate BlogsSlate Blogs
In fall 2007 Slate launched a spate of blogs on a new platform, with The XX Factor and Trailhead leading the way. Slate continues to use the platform to add new blogs to the site’s stable.