TIME MagazineAs a producer at TIME.com, I was directly responsible for the homepage, section fronts and more, as well as technological upgrades and interactive project management. The links below represent projects and sections of TIME.com where I either took the lead in production or worked as a major contributor.

Persons of the Year 2005
Year in Pictures Poll 2005
Hurricane Katrina
The London Bombings
Coolest Inventions 2005
The 2005 TIME 100
Pope John Paul II: 1920-2005
The Tsunami: What Was Lost
Article, Homepage and Section Relaunch
2005 Web Shopping Guide
2005 Tech Buyer’s Guide
2005 Online Music Guide
The Daily Rx Health Blog
Tuned In TV Blog
Global Health Summit Blog
50 Coolest Websites 2005
New AOL Poll System on TIME.com
Inside the Xbox 360
ALL-TIME 100 Movies
ALL-TIME 100 Movies
Updated TIME RSS page
New Pictures of the Week Voting
The Iraqi Election
The 25 Most Influential Evangelicals
Benedict XVI, The New Pope
The Last Star Wars
How to End Poverty
The Science of Happiness
Tech TIME: Heaven on Wheels

The New TIME Archive
Election 2004
Person of the Year: George W. Bush
Best and Worst of 2004
2004 Battleground States
Coolest Inventions of 2004
Tech TIME: 50 Coolest Websites
The TIME 100
Surviving Darfur
The Candidates on the Issues
America’s Obesity Crisis
Election 2004 Photoessays
The Radical Mind of Thomas Jefferson
Ronald Reagan: 1911-2004
Special Issue: Sex and Health
Fall Arts Preview
D-Day: 60 Year Anniversary
Mission to Mars
The Abu Ghraib Scandal
Iraq: One Year Later
John Kerry
Afghanistan: The Forgotten War
The Cassini-Huygens Saturn Mission
Who is the Real Howard Dean?
TIME Style and Design: Fall 2004
Web Shopping Guide 2004
Tech TIME: Back to School
Tech TIME: Music on the Go
Tech TIME: Getting the Most of
What You Got

Person of the Year: The American Soldier
Gulf War II
Iraq: After the Fall
Best and Worst of 2003
80 Days That Changed the World
The Amazing Adventures of Benjamin Franklin
How Dangerous is North Korea?
The Columbia Tragedy
President Bush: Love Him/Hate Him
How Your Mind Can Heal Your Body
Mission Not Accomplished
Secrets of the New Matrix
Donald Rumsfeld
Peace is Hell
Untruth and Consequences
Is the Army Stretched Too Thin?
Looking Beyond Saddam
The Real Story of Jessica Lynch
The Doctor is Out
The War Over the Leak
Hillary: In Her Own Words
Johnny Cash, 1932-2003
Technology: What’s Next?
Can We Trust Saudi Arabia?
The Science of Meditation
How to Eat Smarter
Crowe in Command
The Dean Factor
Tech TIME: Holiday Shopping Guide
Tech TIME: The Google Gourmet
Tech TIME: Get in the Game
Tech TIME: Back to School
Tech TIME: 50 Best Websites
Tech TIME: Going Wireless
Tech TIME: Sound Advice
Tech TIME: Digital Dating
Tech TIME: You Ought to Be in Pixels

9/11: One Year Later
The Green Century
Verbatim Section Launch
The Palestinians
Afghanistan Today
Lewis & Clark: 200 Years
The New Politics of Pot
The Republican Midterm Victory
Trent Lott: Whitewashing the Past
Al-Qaeda: Alive and Ticking
Inside the Womb
Why Can’t We Find Bin Laden?
Should We Attack Iraq?
Should You Be a Vegetarian?
The Sopranos
Inside the New American Home
Preventing Headaches
Look Who’s Cashing in at Indian Casinos
The Legacy of Abraham
Lure of the Rings
Tech TIME: Holiday Shopper’s Guide
Tech TIME: Get in the Game
Tech TIME: Back to School
Red Dragon