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I Am More Famous-By-Association Than You

The other day I was thinking of famous people, so then I thought I might as well put together all the ones I’ve seen in person into a comprehensive but shameless post. So here you go. Trent Reznor: Saw him at the Pittsburgh airport. (He grew up about an hour north, in Meadville.) He got […]

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What About the Absentee President?

The WSJ opinion page is notoriously right-leaning, particularly compared to its news section, but an editorial today is pretty far out even for them. Check this, from “The Absentee Senator“, Wall Street Journal: This is now the second time Republicans have been beaten in this kind of legal street fight. In 2004, Dino Rossi was […]

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The Real Reason Obama Won

After all, what team beat the ‘Skins to continue the Washington pro football presidential-prediction index? Truly the Steeler Nation has powers that cannot be comprehended by mere humans. A certain individual would be wise to switch over from the Chicago Bears.

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President Barack Obama … Unbelievable

… and by a huge victory, at that. People are chanting “Obama! Obama!”, honking their horns, pounding drums and clapping in unison outside my window in Ann Arbor tonight, and it’s 2:40 a.m. This is louder than any Michigan game and is unlike anything I’ve ever heard. Even when I discount partisanship, the tone feels […]

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Strange Realization

I was just now thinking that this is the first election day since 2000 that I’m not working at a big news organization. Two, four, and six years ago I’d be gearing up to be at the office on some weird schedule like 4 p.m. to 2 a.m., hoping we’d order the right kind of […]

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The Endorsement

My old compatriots at Slate did their incredibly lopsided list last week of which staffer is voting for whom. Since I used to work there, I figured I might as well pile on. Because it’s late, I’m tired from the immense amount of work being dumped on my head — never listen to someone who […]

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Why Do Papists Hate America?

There’s an interesting look back today on Al Smith’s 1928 campaign for president, where all sorts of anti-Catholic sentiment got stirred up and Herbert Hoover won in a landslide. The idea that somebody (besides Jack Chick) would drop that today is just laughable — but not so much when you replace “Catholic” with “Muslim”, even […]

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A Great Summation

Wassup 2008: A bit corny at the end — even for an Obama supporter like me — but a sadly humorous reminder of why so much of the country thinks we’re heading in the wrong direction.

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You Said It, Jeremy Long The Palin fires, however, show signs of banking. Over at Sheffield Lanes, mention of her name summons no glint from older bowlers, or from Jeremy and Joe Long, in their 20s, tipping Buds. They liked Mrs. Clinton but pass on Ms. Palin. “She’s always talking about the ‘Average Joe,’” Jeremy Long said. “Average me! […]

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But Can He Win the Rust Belt?

This New Yorker article sent to me by The Wife is a really interesting look at the parts of Ohio that would seem like Obama country, but are still a bit shaky: The Hardest Vote It’d be nice to write off racial prejudice as no longer an issue, but the big fact is that it […]

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