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Election Results, Coffee, Palladia, NFL Picks Week 10

Appropo of nothing: I had Dunkin’ Donuts coffee for the first time this week, and it really is pretty good. I barely like coffee, but I like theirs better than hella bitter Starbucks anyday. In the way I was hoping, we relived the election of 2004 with a role reversal in incumbent-challenger parties, so now […]

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Election Night 2012

I put in the vote for my preferred candidate this morning — along with all the other uncontested Democrats lower on my district’s ticket — so in just a few hours it’s time to sit down, pound some chips, and get my Electoral College / Twitter watch on. Before that, I will be lifting like […]

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Server Geography, Election, NFL Week 9 Picks

I saw that Gawker’s sites, hosted by Datagram, are still on their Tumblr backup servers a full five days after the Sandy disaster first hit. I’m puzzled why any high-traffic site would use a hosting facility in NYC in the first place – aside from the flooding potential that was all too real this week, […]

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Facebook Comments on Articles, Justify Your Football Fandom, NFL Picks 2012 Week 2

Classic Northwestern roller coaster last Saturday – but it ended well this time. 2-0! A while back I speculated that using real names in the comments sections of websites would reduce their horribleness. Now that so many sites are implementing Facebook Connect comments, we have a chance to see how that’s shaped things. Anecdotally I’ve […]

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So that happened. Once upon a time, and by that I mean just a few years ago, I used to get emotionally involved in national elections and politics. Then I thought hard about it, and I realized that caring about this stuff all the time impacts my daily life in pretty much one way: mental […]

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MBA in Hand and Back to Chicago

My two-year stint in Ann Arbor is now over, but we went out with a bang: Chicago: let’s do this.

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The Health Care Bill in 10 Slides

With the big vote coming up this weekend in the House, I wanted to share this plain-language look at what the bill actually contains. Amidst all the shouting, this is a calm layout of the bill: The healthcare bill: 10 things you need to know Also, if this bill — which relies on market […]

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Gotta Admit, Obama Beats Kofi Annan

And I thought we had a prestigious, rub-your-face-in-it speaker at NU in 2002: President Obama to deliver U-M spring 2010 commencement address Yet before I think this is too cool, it’s only for the undergrad graduation, as the b-school graduation is April 30. Regardless, that is one serious publicity coup for UMich. Way to go, […]

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So Long, Healthcare Reform, See You in 2025

I’m not 100 percent bummed about tonight; this will probably force Obama and the Democrats to focus on naked job-creation projects like they should have done in the first place. The only problem is that any efforts to get job projects passed will probably get caught in the newfound morass – by gaining a seat […]

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Massachusetts Election, 2010 and 2012

Tomorrow is the Massachusetts special Senate election for Ted Kennedy’s seat, the coverage of which has been drawing my attention for the past week and a half. While I think it’ll be a disappointment if Coakley loses, as it would indicate reinforcement of the unsuccessful status quo of the past decade, that and a G.O.P. […]

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