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Late Publishing, Pirates, Belgian Beer

For the first time in more than six years running this iteration of my website, I have a barren monthly archive. (See history menu on the left side of a single-post page.) Sorry, June 2013. I only made July because I thought, “Hey, it’s the end of July and I’d be going two months without […]

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Burghin’ It

My current work project, in a nice coincidence, brought me back to the homeland. Tonight we made it out to PNC Park, where the Pirates made me feel more at home by losing. (They even gave up an inside-the-park homerun. Nice.) Gotta give it up though for the best stadium in baseball:

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Beaten Bucs

I hope this gets more news coverage than I expect it will, but the Pittsburgh Pirates are now tied for the longest streak of losing seasons in North American pro sports history. My past two job descriptions didn’t even exist during their last winning season. So congrats to you, Nutting family, for this fantastic record […]

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Barry Bonds: True Greatness

Yay Barry! Yay baseball! I would like to take this post to acknowledge that, unlike Rick Reilly or any of the sports media world’s other garment-rending, tsk-tsking tradition police, I’m taking a real stand on Barry Bonds’ new MLB career homerun record: This is the greatest thing to happen in baseball in 30 years, and […]

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