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Late Publishing, Pirates, Belgian Beer

For the first time in more than six years running this iteration of my website, I have a barren monthly archive. (See history menu on the left side of a single-post page.) Sorry, June 2013. I only made July because I thought, “Hey, it’s the end of July and I’d be going two months without […]

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Who Built the Internet?, NFL Week 4 Picks

Daisy Cutter pale ale from Half Acre Brewing Company: one of Chicago’s finest. My friend Mike linked to this NYT article about the birth of the Internet. It spotlights the creation of the Internet as a political football in the government vs. private industry debate, which was news to me: The Internet’s founding history is […]

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Phone Wait, Heat, Beer Geeks in Summer

First World Problem: I am past ready for my new phone to arrive. Verizon decided to sell the Galaxy S III a week later than the other carriers – probably to get all their bloatware loaded properly – so I’m still waiting until Monday for this thing to ship. This must be what that 14-year-old […]

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Grub Discoveries in Kansas City

Kansas City has yielded two new favorite food items: Burnt ends: Apparently a localized barbecue delicacy, burnt ends are the most delicious form of barbecue I’ve eaten yet. They’re the ends of the brisket that collect all the smoke, fat and salt into chopped, charred cubes of edible beauty, mixed with a little barbecue sauce […]

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Merry Christmas

I do miss December in New York. As much as the city often drove me up the wall, Christmastime was always a highlight. I hope everyone’s Christmas is full of good times and tasty treats. Since this is a holy day, in the spirit of Benjamin Franklin’s adage that “Beer is living proof that God […]

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