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I Hate Political TV, But the Political Internet is Fine

Tonight I briefly tuned in to Anderson Cooper’s show on CNN and quickly changed it away — the Iowa caucus was the story of the day, and I started hating on the candidates onscreen within seconds. Like Mary J. Blige, I too do not need no hateration, so off to hockey I went. I’ve also […]

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The New York Times Paywall: This Time Around, I’ll Buy

All around me are declarations of the upcoming NYT paywall as either a “fraught” decision that “won’t work” or a “big hedge” that, if it works, professional gruff and former coworker Jack Shafer will be “happy to call a success”. I will see Jack and raise him a note of optimism, because despite being one […]

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The iPad is Not the Miracle Device Publishers Wish It Were

This is an entertaining and logical take on the iPad from my old boss, and reflects very well what bothered me so much about the media’s pre-iPad salivation: The iPad is a gorgeous appliance and I wouldn’t bet against it, or be without one, in the short term. But content creators ought not to delude […]

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Your Friday News-Related Humor

Courtesy of BBC Four, an awesome meta take on just about every news report you’ve ever seen:

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iPad Demo Vid

For those who haven’t watched this one yet: While smart from a marketing and strategy perspective, Apple’s first-to-market launches always lead to a lot of bugs, so I await the list of flaws when people really start to buy this thing. (Yes, I’m still angry about my iPod dying exactly one month after the warranty […]

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The First Media Pay Wall, Obama as The Joker, Chicago Trib Redesign, and Where Vick Will Go

The trend has been building, so it had to tip at some point, for better or worse: News Corp. to Charge for All Websites, Business Spectator (Australia) In America, this could work to an extent, because News Corp.’s two big properties here are the Wall Street Journal and Fox News, both outlets with a dedicated […]

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Grooveshark: The Shiznit

Yo. Back in my days, I developed a serious music-at-work habit that kept on going all the way through Slate. Fortunately for me, my summer workplace at Kaplan Higher Ed is also cool with employees listening to headphones during the day, so I haven’t had to spend my time here sans face-melting shredfests. Even […]

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The Atlantic Gets SEO-Ganked by The Huffington Post: A Breakdown

Last week I was reading some online commentary about a piece by Matt Taibbi in Rolling Stone, this one about Goldman Sachs. I first read Taibbi in Spanking the Donkey, and I usually like the dude’s cynical, New-Journalism-style writing, even when it’s a bit sensational. The Goldman Sachs thing — at least the parts I […]

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Newspaper vs. Internet

I look forward to the answer to this question, posed and soon to be tested by my aces at Slate: Who’s Better Informed, Newspaper Readers or Web Surfers? The only part that confuses me is whether newspaper websites are OK for the web users to read. If not, then that does hurt the web team’s […]

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Jackson, McNamara, Deficit, Scuderi, The Heather Graham – Mike Tyson – Pat Stack Connection

My iPod started acting ill today, and now I’m in the middle of restoring the factory settings. Since I have to completely re-upload all of my music, photo and backed-up files, I got some time to write. First, the news: • At first today, it really annoyed me that the entire media-swilling world spent the […]

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