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My Friend Bob

Back in 2004 I was still a young dude adjusting to adult life in the biggest city, New York. My years there were some of the highest highs and lowest lows in my life, and it was a constant process of adjustment that provided plenty of weird moments and perspectives. After buying a new laptop, […]

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Late Publishing, Pirates, Belgian Beer

For the first time in more than six years running this iteration of my website, I have a barren monthly archive. (See history menu on the left side of a single-post page.) Sorry, June 2013. I only made July because I thought, “Hey, it’s the end of July and I’d be going two months without […]

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I’m No Blogging Noob, But …

… I still wish more people would read this list: Eight Things Not to Do When Starting a New Blog, Social Media Revolver No. 6? I’m guilty.

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