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Travel and Gamification, NFL 2013, Tacos

August 2013 was the second time in three months that I left a blank monthly archive. Two out of three ain’t bad, unless it’s a non-updated website. I’ve been traveling a lot this year for work. This isn’t always fun, but it has been a tremendous insight into the idea of gamification. I never knew […]

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Who Built the Internet?, NFL Week 4 Picks

Daisy Cutter pale ale from Half Acre Brewing Company: one of Chicago’s finest. My friend Mike linked to this NYT article about the birth of the Internet. It spotlights the creation of the Internet as a political football in the government vs. private industry debate, which was news to me: The Internet’s founding history is […]

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Dog Hates Cat, Demand Media Accounting, Proper Vegetable Cooking, NFL Picks Week 3

We’ve had the dog for more than a year and they still hate each other. Chill out, bros. I was talking infamous content farm Demand Media with a coworker the other day and we got onto their accounting fiasco. It seems they faced some deserved scrutiny for their financial practices: Instead of tracking the cost […]

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Fast Crumbling in Technology

Awesomeness 2009: Nokia phones, Groupon hype Not Awesomeness 2012: Nokia earnings, Groupon accounting Amazing how fast companies go from star to dud in the technology world. A quarter should count for a year of longevity in this field.

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Target’s Troubles

I’ve been reading up today on what I once thought was a pretty cool and bold redesign, but now is an evident disaster: the relaunch of after the company’s break from Amazon. Fun dog photos on the homepage aside, it seems the site is plagued by timeout errors, vanishing wedding/baby registries and unresponsive customer-service […]

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The New York Times Paywall: This Time Around, I’ll Buy

All around me are declarations of the upcoming NYT paywall as either a “fraught” decision that “won’t work” or a “big hedge” that, if it works, professional gruff and former coworker Jack Shafer will be “happy to call a success”. I will see Jack and raise him a note of optimism, because despite being one […]

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The iPad is Not the Miracle Device Publishers Wish It Were

This is an entertaining and logical take on the iPad from my old boss, and reflects very well what bothered me so much about the media’s pre-iPad salivation: The iPad is a gorgeous appliance and I wouldn’t bet against it, or be without one, in the short term. But content creators ought not to delude […]

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Taco Bell “Drive-Thru Diet”: Strategically Smart, Ethically Dubious

While running for the border, time to take a detour: And the 3-minute version: The tone of these is really strange — in the 3-minute version, at first Taco Bell seems to be going for a Popeil-esque infomercial parody, but then they bring out Christine the now-hot woman and Ruth Carey the registered dietician (who […]

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Megabus and the Real-Life Ethical Dilemma

Damn, I felt today like I was in the boat scene from The Dark Knight. Most of you dudes know I split my time these days between school in Ann Arbor and home in Chicago. The best way to get back and forth is Megabus, which I took yet again today. (For anyone interested, here’s […]

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Clothing-Size Deflation Is Real

Hey, clothes-wearing people. I assume I’m not the only one who’s noticed that clothing sizes have totally changed in the past 2-3 years or so — what used to be an XL is now only a large, what used to be a large is now a medium, and what used to be XXXL is now […]

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