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Pat’s 16 Best Android Apps

Not too long ago, I was admittedly indifferent to this mobile thing, even as a professional digital dude. This was because: I had BlackBerrys for work and found them useful but nothing revolutionary; I mistakenly chalked the iPhone hype up to characteristic Apple-fan hyperventilation; I stuck to my old clamshell phone because I’m really cheap. […]

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Slate is Anti-Lawn-Chairs-in-Parking-Spaces; I Am Not

I posted this comment to the anti-“dibs” article on Slate, but I am pro-dibs enough that I will also post it here: I grew up in Pittsburgh and now reside in Chicago, so I am intimately familiar with dibs. (I’ve only heard it called “dibs” in Chicago, though — in Pittsburgh, just mentioning lawn chairs […]

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Haircut, Stretching, Ex Check

Stuff from this evening: Today I went to get a free touch-up on my haircut of several weeks back. After several years of the same haircut, I grew my hair out for three months, then went to a stylist a few weeks ago (I had a coupon) and told her to be creative and interesting […]

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Having a No. 2 Favorite Team: The Rules

UPDATE 6/11: Obviously this was the year to be a Blackhawks fan. I will say I was happy, but I wish it had been the Pens — last year was total euphoria. I’m on my way to the parade, though — gotta see that Cup when you get a chance. I got into a debate […]

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Ok Go! and Another Complex Vid

The latest from the Chicago dudes behind the infamous treadmill video:

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Stephen Colbert on Our Chicago Congressional District

Stephen Colbert profiled the Illinois 5th Congressional District the other night, including an interview with our Congressional Representative here in the LP, Rep. Mike Quigley. The interview doesn’t seem to be online — if I find it, I’ll update this — but I did appreciate the props to the Wiener’s Circle. The Colbert Report Mon […]

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The View Out the Window

Strangely my East Coast friends got a lot bigger snowfall so far this year than we did out here in the Midwest — it’s snowed a bit in Michigan, but today in Chicago is the most this year that I’ve seen. Works for me; I’m on break now and got nothing better to do than […]

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Megabus and the Real-Life Ethical Dilemma

Damn, I felt today like I was in the boat scene from The Dark Knight. Most of you dudes know I split my time these days between school in Ann Arbor and home in Chicago. The best way to get back and forth is Megabus, which I took yet again today. (For anyone interested, here’s […]

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Six Flags Great America: Go Late (In The Year)

A tip to my Chicago readers: if you’re planning to head up to Great America, the time to do it is right before Labor Day. At first, it seems like a tradeoff: they’re only open from 10-6, rather than 10-9 p.m. or so. But it turns out they only get tiny crowds — yesterday they […]

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Lollapalooza 2009: The Recap

Yesterday I made it to Day 3 of Lollapalooza 2009. I had a great time reliving 1993 with Jane’s Addiction and Snoop — Lady of Rage even made an appearance — though the organizers did throw in some solid bands from 2009, too. Ranking the bands that I saw or mostly heard: 1. Jane’s Addiction […]

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