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Northwizzle Wildcizzles

I know I’m unlikely to update this site until the NFL picks on Friday, so I just wanted this to be the image on my homepage:

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One More Business-School-Weekend Tale

Here’s a good one for all my NU buds: One of the career panel discussions featuring Michigan alums had a panelist who had attended the University of Wisconsin as an undergrad. When they opened the panel up for questions, I asked another panelist what he thought about the consulting vs. general management track at Ross, […]

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Pat’s Going to Michigan

I got the good news on Friday: I’ll be heading this fall to the Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan to be part of the class of 2010. I mentioned this fall that application essays were sapping my blogging resolve, so now yinz know what that was about. I’m definitely relieved to […]

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Busch-Swilling Bolsheviks

This one goes out to my senior-year apartment crew. I was once discussing political philosophy with my dad, and we both agreed that under ideal theoretical conditions, a socialist utopia could be pretty cool: from abilities according to needs and all that lot. (Before someone from the future reads that and declares me a godless […]

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