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Sen. Durbin Responds to my SOPA Letter

Just got this SOPA-related response from Sen. Durbin’s office in my email, regarding my earlier email. Suffice it to say that this doesn’t go into any details about how “reasonable steps to cease doing business” is a can of worms big enough to fit, like, a really big number of worms, and it doesn’t sound […]

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Opposing SOPA and PIPA – If Anybody Read This Site in the First Place, I’d Black It Out

I love to see the Internet blackouts going on today in protest of SOPA and PIPA. The public needs to understand that this legislation could put the sites they use every day at risk of private-industry censorship without any due process. I wrote this email to one of my Senators, Dick Durbin, who’s currently still […]

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Why Online Image-Borrowing Is Good Policy

Seeing as how I grab lots of images for my posts, like the photo by my old employer in this post, I figured it was fair to elaborate on my own beliefs on borrowing images across the web: everybody wins. My photo-editor friend Maria, also formerly of, said it best when she noted […]

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Pointing Out David Addington

John Yoo got the bulk of the negative publicity for his torture memo, but I’ve read many times that David Addington has been the real advocate for scrapping the rule of law in the Bush Administration. This Bob Herbert column on Addington makes that point better than I can.

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The Men Running America (In the Wrong Direction)

Two great moments in quotations today, both from men with the power to influence and shape America’s economic and political situation. The first comes courtesy of Aron Wilder, the CEO of HTFC, a small firm that takes loan applications and sells residential mortgages to larger lenders like GMAC. They’re one of many direct players involved […]

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Last night I was hitting the new gym — this one has TVs on the treadmills, so I rocked the informative running action — when this story came on CNN: Saudi Court Ups Punishment for Gang-Rape Victim The gist of the story is that a woman was gang-raped by seven Saudi men, yet the Saudi […]

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