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Ten Years Later, Online

Like most Americans, I can instantly recall what I was doing, thinking and feeling on September 11, 2001. Within a year I was working for the national news media in a New York City still processing the attack, and the ongoing military response to that day has been at the center of my brother’s, brother-in-law’s […]

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Is Charlie Sheen My Distant Cousin?

Martin Sheen’s bio page on Wikipedia says his mom’s name was Mary Ann Phelan, and that she came from a small village in County Tipperary. Not coincidentally per this post, my own grandma’s name was Phelan and she also came from a small village in Tipperary, albeit slightly farther south than Martin’s mom’s village. While […]

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A Fascinating Take on Interviewing a Talentless Wonder

Hey, readaz. Ever since I was about ten years old and watching Comedy Central when it was still known as The Comedy Channel, I recognized that the comedian Gallagher’s routine was overly and detrimentally simplistic: he smashed things with a hammer, and people laughed at it. At that age I was waking up to the […]

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Merry Christmas

Here’s a little Pittsburgh-area holiday greeting: Happy Holidays to all.

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Clothing-Size Deflation Is Real

Hey, clothes-wearing people. I assume I’m not the only one who’s noticed that clothing sizes have totally changed in the past 2-3 years or so — what used to be an XL is now only a large, what used to be a large is now a medium, and what used to be XXXL is now […]

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Nice Try, But Donuts As Bread Still Works Better

I wish I could say I’m shocked by the idea of two chicken patties as bread, but I’m really not: KFC tests out new bunless burger to rave reviews in America’s heartland, Vancouver Sun, Aug. 25 My favorite part is how the Canadian paper made sure to get “America” into the headline as an ever-so-subtle […]

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I Am More Famous-By-Association Than You

The other day I was thinking of famous people, so then I thought I might as well put together all the ones I’ve seen in person into a comprehensive but shameless post. So here you go. Trent Reznor: Saw him at the Pittsburgh airport. (He grew up about an hour north, in Meadville.) He got […]

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Snakes: The Worst Firework in the World

With Saturday being the Fourth of July and the start of America’s 233rd year, I would like to honor our fine country’s independence by telling you exactly how not to honor our fine country’s independence: by purchasing, lighting and displaying Snakes, the world’s stupidest firework. Since my childhood, I have loved fireworks. I’m not necessarily […]

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The Week: Michael Jackson, Iran, Mark Sanford and Transformers

You heard it here first: Neverland is the new Graceland. Man, what a week for news. It’s been a while since we had such a contrast of the important (Iran) and the junk-ridden (Transformers 2 = 2nd highest grossing opening ever). My vote for biggest story: Considering that I live in the U.S., it has […]

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More Fun With Diddy Tweets

This is an oddly beautiful contrast of the spiritual and the profane, courtesy of the lyric poet Sean Combs: I can’t wait for the new Maxwell album on july 7th!!! My soul is thristy [sic] for some real shit!!!!

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