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The Stack Up: Unemployment Stories, Android Fitness Apps, 50-Year-Old Hotness and More

The most gripping stories I’ve read about being unemployed during the recession came from reader submissions to Gawker, of all places: Hello from the Underclass: Unemployment Stories (and Vol II) The compilation managed to touch on people from multiple classes, educational statuses and lengths of time out of work, showing that it’s not something as […]

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Opposing SOPA and PIPA – If Anybody Read This Site in the First Place, I’d Black It Out

I love to see the Internet blackouts going on today in protest of SOPA and PIPA. The public needs to understand that this legislation could put the sites they use every day at risk of private-industry censorship without any due process. I wrote this email to one of my Senators, Dick Durbin, who’s currently still […]

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Slate is Anti-Lawn-Chairs-in-Parking-Spaces; I Am Not

I posted this comment to the anti-“dibs” article on Slate, but I am pro-dibs enough that I will also post it here: I grew up in Pittsburgh and now reside in Chicago, so I am intimately familiar with dibs. (I’ve only heard it called “dibs” in Chicago, though — in Pittsburgh, just mentioning lawn chairs […]

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Jackson, McNamara, Deficit, Scuderi, The Heather Graham – Mike Tyson – Pat Stack Connection

My iPod started acting ill today, and now I’m in the middle of restoring the factory settings. Since I have to completely re-upload all of my music, photo and backed-up files, I got some time to write. First, the news: • At first today, it really annoyed me that the entire media-swilling world spent the […]

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The Bailout Methodology That Had to Happen

The government is finally about to start buying up the garbage assets that all the big banks are holding. From the WSJ, still owned by the same people who brought you When Animals Attack: ‘Bad Bank’ Funding Plan Starts to Get Fleshed Out This one is going to be a public-private partnership, wherein the government […]

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